Displayed in the office of Intersoft Consulting Service AG, Berlin


A statement of young artists simultaneously accepting and resisting the power relations inherent in the production of commissioned work for a  corporation.

On site documentation



50 x 50 x 150 cm, Installation

Synthetic leather, metal rod painted white,, PU convoluted foam, elastic rubber cord, steel ring, cotton rope, transparent PVC sheet,, stainless hook, brass rod, elastic rubber cord,.

Rumbling Machines


3 Installations, each 150 x 50 x 10 cm

Bast weave fabric, synthetic leather, brass round tube, plastic chain painted yellow, PU convoluted foam, elastic rubber cord, steel ring, lampshade mounting ring, LED tube, stainless hook, plastic ratchet fasteners


Penetrating Dolls


2 Installations, each 220 x 20 x 120 cm

Paintings realized by Kaifan Wang

Oil painting on canvas, silk print, acoustic foam.